The 300 Dollar Bumper.

A number of years ago, my 15 year old Ford Escort was rear ended.  And while the damage wasn’t too bad, it did ruin the rear bumper.  Thinking that it would be an easy fix, I called a local salvage yard.  Yes, they had one and it would cost $300.  I told them that I just wanted the bumper and not the whole car.  Eventually I went to the lumber yard are purchased a 2×12 for $10.

So Long Deer Run.

My favorite local golf course has been sold to the Kent County 4H fair.  I played that course when it first opened, before the club house was even built.  It was a tough and unforgiving course.  And the club house hosted many wedding events for friends and relatives.  While I am happy that the 4H has a new location,  I will be sad to see the golf course go.