Grave Robbing.

Every summer, I hear reports of people putting floral arrangements on a grave only to discover later that their arrangements have been moved to another grave.  I guess this happens when you love someone enough to steal for them but not enough to provide your own floral arrangement.

Golden Handcuffs.

When I first started working for the State of Michigan, the pay was below industry standards but the benefits were great.  Unfortunately, you needed to work there for 10 years before you would be fully vested in their pension program.  And of course, after 10 years you were pretty much established and were inclined to stay.

But, about 20 years ago, the State eliminated the pension in favor of a 401K.  This meant that new hires could take their money and run when ever they felt like it.  So instead of having a career job, the State became a place where people worked until they could find something better.  As a result, prime employee moved on to better jobs and the seconds remained at the State.  Thus the expression “Good enough for government work.”

Christmas In July.

Some TV networks are now showing reruns of their Christmas programs under the guise of “Christmas in July”.  Seasonal programs have always presented a problem for the networks since they only get to run them once a year.  But, by declaring “Christmas in July”, the networks can now run their whole Christmas programs a second time.  I wonder if they will have a “Thanksgiving in June”?

Eventvwr Scam.

I received a phone call from someone saying that my PC was reporting a virus.  And that he needed me to check it out.  He had a very heavy accent and wanted me to type the “eventvwr” command into the PC to check it for viruses.  Instead, I typed “eventvwr” into my search engine.  It yielded that this was indeed a scam.

The scammers will try to talk you into giving them money to clean your PC of viruses that never existed.  When I pointed out to the callers that he was trying to scam me, the caller hung up.