Red Box.

Well, since our only video store closed, the only place in town to rent a video is at the local Red Box. While the selection isn’t the greatest, it does offer over 200 videos. I am rather partial to watching foreign flicks, but, I guess I will have to make do.

I really do like the ease of use. You simply make your selection, and swipe your credit card and you get a video which isn’t due until 9pm the next day. And all for only $1.

I opened an online account with them which provides me with a history of what I have rented. This is nice because I have a hard time remembering what I have rented and what I have just looked at.

Plus, I can look over the selection on line and reserve a video. Then, when I get to the store, I just swipe my credit card and the machine pops out my video.

So far, I am impressed with the system but time will tell.

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