Wendy’s Garden Sensations.

Wendy’s has 4 new salad offerings this summer. And since they all sounded fantastic, I thought that I would try them.

But, before I made any purchases, I checked them out on line just to see what they might be hiding. Sure enough, the sodium is VERY high in all of them; 1,500 mg or higher! And since the recommended daily limit is 2,000, you have just about hit your limit in just one meal. In short, if I ate one of those salads for lunch, I would be gulping water all afternoon.

But why is the sodium so high I wondered? Is the chicken that salty? Then, it dawned on me. MSG! They are probably using MSG to keep the lettuce fresh.

It just goes to show that the healthy choice might not be that healthy.

8 thoughts on “Wendy’s Garden Sensations.

  1. It seems that this is the going trend. I ordered a salad from chipotle and the salad dressing alone (about 2 oz) is 700 mg. If you get the salad with chicken – a seemingly healthy choice, you add another 370. Yes that is exactly what is happening. Restaurants do not care about health they care about what sells.

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