Larson Storm Doors…..NOT!!!

Since my daughter and son-in-law purchased a house that was 100 years old, Kathy and I decided to give them a new front door as a wedding gift. So, after the wedding, we took them to the local lumber yard to pick out a new front door and a storm door to go with it.

Once they had found the perfect door, the man at the counter directed them to a selection of storm doors. Since they had already decided on the swing for the main door, the salesman quickly pointed out a storm door with a complimentary swing. So, we purchased it.

The first requirement, was installing the door glass. I guess the manufacture was too lazy to install the glass so, we were required to do so.

No problem. Just install the 6 foot clipping retainer on either side of the window.

Problem!!! The clip doesn’t fit. After an hour, it was installed. Great!!!

Well, while the box for the storm door said that it was a right hand swing, when we started installing it, we discovered that it could be either. No problem, until we read the worthless instructions.

The directions were vague and the pictures were indecipherable. So, we were left guessing. This meant a trip to the lumber yard to look at the display.

Once we looked at the display, it all made sense. Unfortunately, each time we had a question, we needed to make a trip to the lumber yard. This, of course, took time and gas for each trip to the lumber yard.

Ultimately, we got the storm door installed but it took as much effort as it did for installing the outside door.

Once, while we were inspecting the display door, we saw another couple looking at these doors. I wanted to say, “NO!!!, don’t do it”, but I didn’t.

While the new door is installed, the next time I will look at a different brand.


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