The Bondage Emporium.

The neighborhood that Yosef and Rachel live in is an eclectic mix for sure. There are high end restaurants just down the street from tattoo parlors.

However, just around the corner from one expensive restaurant is the Bondage Emporium. And, it is just as the name suggests.

This men’s only establishment caters to those who like to wear suggestive black leather which displays their, well, special parts. And, to this end, it has a very strict dress code. In short, if you could wear it in a regular bar, you can’t wear it in the Bondage Emporium.

Plus, they have a weekly events calendar. Tuesdays are pool nights and Wednesdays are hump nights. (I’m not even going to go there.)

Well, it is safe to say that they don’t get many visitors off the street.

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