Once again, it is scarecrow season here in Lowell. Every year, the Lowell Arts Council sponsors a scarecrow building workshop. And the by product of this workshop is, well, scarecrows. Once the scarecrows are constructed, they are tied at the waist to the street light poles on main street.

The scarecrows are a little distracting to drivers, particularly in the morning. You are never sure if it is a person getting ready to step off the curb or if it is a scarecrow.

Of course, rainy weather tends to make them a little droopy. It kind of gives them that drunken scarecrow look. And if they really get wet, they bend at the waist giving them that sick drunken scarecrow look.

One of these years, if we have a cool fall, I am going to dress up as a scarecrow and go down to main street. I bet I could really freak out a lot of people. 😉

2 thoughts on “Scarecrows.

  1. Hey, i really like your blog! i drive through Lowell to get to work from the outskirts of Ionia, and often stop by the shops. The scarecrows crack me up!

    But really what got me here was my boyfriend (who also goes through Lowell) coming home and saing “MYNT Bistro?”

  2. Interestingly enough, my site gets a lot of hits from Mynt Fussion Bistro. I am glad you like my blog.

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