The video stores.

When renting movies first became popular, there was only one place in town to rent them and they had a good selection. But soon, it seemed like every one had videos to rent. In fact, there were so many places that I can’t even remember their names, just there locations.

I think that the first video store was in the Crystal Flash Plaza. ( It was named the Crystal Flash Plaza because it was a strip mall next to the Crystal Flash gas station though I don’t know if it was owned by Crystal Flash.) And we rented a lot of movies there until they accused us of damaging one of them, which we had to buy.

Then, we started renting videos from the local grocery store. We rented a lot of movies from them until they closed.

From then on, we went to a little store on the outskirts of town. And, we rented a lot of movies there but soon we discovered that the drug store on our end of town rented videos and they were cheaper than the other place.

Unfortunately, the drug store was sold and then closed, which started the drug store wars but I will write about that at another time. So, we started renting movie in Grand Rapids. Since we could rent for a week at the new place and since we were always in Grand Rapids on weekends, it worked out just fine.

Mean while, back in Lowell, video stores opened and close and moved and reopened. In fact, one video store moved so many times that I finally lost track of it.

Then, we got a Video Gallery which is a chain here in west Michigan. They built there own building, and rented videos and games. And they had good prices. So, the Video Gallery is our new home for movies. Two videos for 6 days for $1.99. Such a deal.

In all honesty, I don’t know if anyone else is renting out movies here in Lowell any more. I’ll have to check just for grins.

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