Facebook! I Want to be Your Friend.

After you join Facebook, you get constant requests to be “friends”.

At first, I thought that every “friend” request was submitted by the “friend”.  But, then I came to realize that it was Facebook sending out the requests and not the actual person.  I guess that would explain why some people wanted to be my friend.

Now, since I didn’t want to offend anyone, I accepted every and all “friend” requests even if I didn’t know them.  Then, I accepted a request from some kid, whom I didn’t know.  All he did was write about eating feces.  And even though I thought sure he was the son of someone I knew, I deleted him.

Then, I started getting “friend” requests from women who were exposing their breasts in their profile pictures.  That is when  I decided that not everyone who wanted to be my “friend” actually knew me.

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