Hello Kitty.

I just ran across an unusual item. It is a Hello Kitty assault rifle.

This company has taken a AK47 assault rifle and given it a purple finish with Hello Kitty logos on the butt and magazine.

Somehow, I can’t see this being used by any paramilitary groups but I could be mistaken. Usually, the paramilitary groups are into camouflage of green, brown and black. Purple just doesn’t fit their color scheme.

I suppose, this would be a rifle for a preteen girl to use. But given that the Hello Kitty rifle sells for about $1,000, which is quite a bit for an AK47 these days, I suspect that only rich little girls will get one.

This company also makes a My Little Pony M4.

Can we expect a Sponge Bob 107 any time soon?

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