The Flood. Preparations.

The rivers here in Lowell, flood several times a year, so flooding is no big deal.  But this time, the water was starting to edge out onto city streets.

So, on Saturday morning when I was at Meijer (regional grocery chain) I decided that maybe I should buy some candles just in case the power went off.  So,  I bought two 10″ pillar candles.  And since I have a lot of votive candle holders, I bought 200 tea candles.

Good, I thought, if the power goes off, I can at least see to read.  But then early in the afternoon, the city left me a flyer saying that power to my side of town might be shut off late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and that it might be off for several days.

SEVERAL DAYS!!  This information changed my whole way of thinking.  After all, it is one thing to lose power for an evening and quite another to lose power for several days.  And, while I have plenty of candles, the thought of sitting in a silent house for several days, did not appeal to me.

Maybe I needed a battery operated radio.  And, not just a radio, but an iPhone enabled radio.  So, I was off to Meijer again.

In reviewing the battery operated radios, I found one that would not only let me listen to my iPhone but would also charge my iPhone.  Yes!!  Now all I needed was some batteries.

So, as I am headed down the aisle that stocked flashlights and batteries, I discovered that it was also the aisle with portable generators.  Generators!!!


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