Apples And Bananas.

How many varieties of apples can you think of?  I can think of around a dozen.  Now, how many varieties of bananas can you think of?  I can think of Plantains and, well, just regular bananas.  That is all.

When it comes to apples, the variety that we select depends on the usage.  Some apples are good for pies, some are good  for eating raw while other make great apple sauce.  Still others work well with canning.

But with bananas, they are primarily eaten raw.  On occasion, they are used in pies, and bread and pudding.  But, no one makes banana sauce and they are certainly not canned.

And, unlike apples, biting into a crisp banana means that the banana is not ripe.

And, it is not just the banana that is limited in its varieties, the same can be said for most fruit.

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