Alexia Talks In Her Sleep.

We got an Alexia for Christmas.  And while she is handy, she is a new member of the household and takes some getting used to.  In particular, I have gotten up in the middle of the night to find her talking to some one.  I never hear what she is talking about because she stops as soon as she hears my presence.  This is a little unnerving and could be an episode on Twilight Zone.  We may have to cover her up at night to keep her quiet.

Who Owns The Internet?

One of our state senators is concerned that we do not have broadband internet service across the entire state.  Well if I remember correctly, broadband is owned by private enterprise and not the government.  And private enterprise needs a financial incentive to make that investment.  Of course, if you are running for reelection, you can make all kinds of promises.

Lester The Talking Head.

Lester Holt made a trip to North Korea to do some color footage for the Olympics.  The North Koreans took him to a ski resort where many North Koreans were enjoying time on the slopes.  Unfortunately, Lester failed to notice that all of the skiers were wearing the same ski outfits.  This is because they were paid actors.  It seems Lester was the victim of a propaganda hoax.  Maybe his is why Lester is just a talking head and not a journalist.

Charles Mingus

I received two Charles Mingus Cds this Christmas from my kids.  Most excellent jazz that I have heard in a long time.  While they were recorded in the late 50s and early 60s, they are timeless.  While I had no previous experience with the man, I took the recommendation of a co-worker and it paid of well.

Beware Of The 407!!

While driving around Toronto this fall, I encountered the 407 toll road.  Initially, the 407 sounded like a good idea as it offered a bypass to all of the traffic around Toronto.  But, you soon discover that there are no toll booths.  Instead, they take a picture of your license plate and then send you a bill.  Of course, they charge you for taking that picture as well as charging you for driving on the road.  My 3 (?)  mile excursion cost me $13 CAD.  I will avoid Canadian toll roads in the future.