Walk, don’t drive.

All most everyone here in downtown Lansing, walks every place that they go. It is not because they are health conscious. It is because there is no place to park.

Just like in Hitler’s Das Capitol, parking is hard to find. Oh granted, there is parking available. I, for example, park under the building where I work, but that parking comes with a price. If you can’t afford to park under ground or if your building doesn’t have underground parking, then you have to walk.

For some, the walk is a short distance but for others, it can be for several blocks. And, if the weather is bad, that walk can be brutal.

Between state government and the local community college, the city of Lansing makes a small fortune off of parking. Every place that you go, you find parking meters. And if there isn’t a parking meter, you probably don’t want to park there any way.

And what do they do with all of that money? I am not sure but they certainly don’t use it to plow the streets or the sidewalks in downtown Lansing.

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