Stinking pepper corns!

We have several acrylic pepper mills. One we use in the kitchen and the others we use on the table.

One day, we ran out of black pepper corns. So, I went to the store to buy some more. As I was about to pick up a container of black pepper corns, I noticed the store also had a container of multicolored pepper corns. Since the green and red and white pepper corns looked more attractive, I purchased that instead.

As I was filling the pepper mills, I noticed an unusual odor but thought nothing of it. But, it was when I went to use the pepper mills that I really noticed the foul odor. It smelled like pig excrement! Whats more, it passed that smell on to the food that I was eating.

At first, I thought that it must me, but when Kathy noticed it too I knew that it wasn’t just my imagination. The pepper corns were foul.

At first, we thought that we could dilute the colored pepper corns with some traditional black pepper corns. But that didn’t work. The smell and the taste remained. Finally, we couldn’t take it any more. The pepper corns had to go.

The multicolored pepper corns may look nice but they certainly taste bad. Maybe we can find a decorative glass container to display them in. Something with a tight lid!

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