The Flood. The Generator.

When I saw the generators at Meijer (regional grocery chain), my whole power outage strategy changed.  With a generator, I could keep my frig and freezer cold indefinitely.  Plus, I would have enough power left over to run my stereo and internet connection, maybe even enough for a small reading light.

As I was quickly doing the math as to what size generator I needed, a clerk pointed out that if I used my Meijer card, I would get an additional 15% off my purchase, today only.  And given the fact that large areas of West Michigan were without power, I was surprised that Meijer was not sold out.   But then again, I would not have expected to see generators at Meijer.  So, I really felt that God was leading me to buy this generator.  And, so I did.  Talk about Divine Providence!

So, with a generator, a 5 gallon gas can and a couple of heavy duty extension cords, I was ready for the worst.

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