North Country Trail 4.

At the three mile mark, we took a break.  This was the official “turn back” point. We were given apples and told that the bus would be along to take anyone home if we wanted.  Two more of my fellow hikers decided to leave.  I thought about it but knew that my wife would not approve.  So, I stayed.

Unfortunately, an 82 year old granny staff worker took the lead.  Since she walked the trail on a regular basis, she was ready to get us to the end as quickly as possible.  And, since she was determined to make the trail end in record time, she began a death march..  Of course, she had no idea of where she was or even who she was, but that didn’t matter.

With Granny in the lead, I soon found myself in the back of the pack.  And while I was concerned that she would fall and break a hip, she wasn’t .  So, she continued at a record breaking pace.  Mean while, I was over a mile behind the pack.  This brought me to question the purpose of such hikes.

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