A Little Piece of Heaven.

While driving down the interstate in Ohio, I noticed a lot of little lakes next to the road. Since the water table is so high in the area, I imagine that these lakes were dug to facilitate the road. But, for the owners of the land, they got a free personal lake out of the deal.

Now, while these mini lakes are only about the size of a foot ball field, that doesn’t seem to stop the owners from the big lake experience. Some of these ponds are equipped with a boat launch, picnic shelter, changing trailer, dock, floating raft and a speed boat.

Even more fascinating was watching them water ski on these lakes. Since they only have about 100 yards to work with, the driver of the boat is in a constant turn as is the skier. And, after the skier gets tired of turning in one direction, the boat does a quick figure 8.

Come winter, I imagine I will even see fishing shanties out on their ice.  I wonder if snow ski behind tractors?

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