The I.R.S. Is Calling Me.

The other day, I received an automated call from someone claiming to be the I.R.S..  They gave me a number to call and told me that I needed to do so immediately.  I knew that this was a scam but I tried to call them back any way.  I was curious as to what they were going to tell me.  No luck.  The line was always busy.

Beer Bread.

In an effort to expand my selection of home made breads, I decided to try making “beer bread”.  It really was rather simple.  I just replaced the water in my bread recipe with a good dark beer.  The results were excellent!  And since I had to buy a six pack of dark beer, I will definitely be making it again.

St. Patrick’s Day Is Bigger In the United States Than In Ireland.

Believe it or not, the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the US took place in 1737 and has been a major event ever since.  But in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day did not become an official holiday until 1903 with the first major parades taking place in the 1980’s. So, it appears that the biggest and best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations take place in the US and not Ireland.  Go figure.