Eventvwr Scam.

I received a phone call from someone saying that my PC was reporting a virus.  And that he needed me to check it out.  He had a very heavy accent and wanted me to type the “eventvwr” command into the PC to check it for viruses.  Instead, I typed “eventvwr” into my search engine.  It yielded that this was indeed a scam.

The scammers will try to talk you into giving them money to clean your PC of viruses that never existed.  When I pointed out to the callers that he was trying to scam me, the caller hung up.

Hot Dog Eating Contests.

Do contestants train for hot dog eating contests?  And if so, how?  Do they exercise their jaw muscles for hours daily?  Do they hang out at “all you can eat buffets” to stretch their stomachs?  And after the contest is over do they stop eating for several days?  Just wondering.

Beware Of Chicago.

The FBI agent was sent to Chicago to help with their crime.  Unfortunately, the FBI agents’ car was stolen.  This is almost as bad as when Biden went to Detroit and the trailer with all of his equipment was stolen.