…And I Expect You To Take Over The Program That I Have Started.

A few years back, some one at church started a men’s program because he wanted one.  Then after a few months, that person announced that while he wanted the men’s program, he did not want to be in charge of the program any more.   And therefore, he expected me to take over the program.  When I declined, he got upset with me.  Oh well, he was the one that wanted the program in the first place.

John Hinckley Jr.

John Hinckley Jr. has been released from prison because they feel that he is sane and no longer a threat to society.  If course, they didn’t think that he was a threat to society before he shot President Reagan.  And, if he shoots someone again, they will declare him insane and put him back in prison.  Why don’t I feel good about the system?

Buy One, Get One Free?

Buy One Get One Free.  That is what the sign said above the cat food at the pet store.  So, we picked up two bags.  When we got to the checkout, we learned that if you buy a BAG of cat food, you get a free CAN of cat food.  Some how, that is not what “Buy One Get One Free” means to me.  Oh well.