Grilled Muffins.

When we ordered coffee and muffins at a coffee shop, the waitress asked if we wanted out muffins grilled.  This confused us so we restated that we wanted muffins.  The waitress explained that some people like their muffins grilled.  So, we got them grilled and they were very good.

No Frills Lobster.

When it comes to lobster, the best restaurants are the ones with no table cloths.  Whole lobsters are messy to eat so why bother with a table cloth that is just going to get covered with lobster juice and butter.  Formica works much better and the lobster tastes just as good.

Cough Syrup.

Every few years, I come down with a cold.  So, every few years, I purchase some cough syrup.  And even though I keep hoping for some improvement,  the cough syrup always tastes less than pleasant.  Oh well, I guess it is incentive to stay healthy.

Stone Soup.

In the children s story “Stone Soup”, the solders throw some rocks into a pot and then convince the local villagers to contribute vegetables to the pot.  Then they all enjoy the soup.  Unfortunately while the villagers toiled for weeks and months to produce their vegetables, the solders just threw some rock into the pot.  And yet, they all got the same share of the soup.  Is it just me or does this story sound like Socialism?