Making Nevada Moral.

Good ole senator Harry Reid wants to ban prostitution in Nevada.  He feels that prostitution is hurting the economy in the state.  And, that if prostitution were banded, more businesses would relocate in the state.

Well, I think that once again Mr Reid is out of touch with his constituents.  Nevada has long been known for its gambling and prostitution.  And the residents of Nevada seem fine with it.  So, I doubt that they will want to change.

It’s too bad that he doesn’t make these kind of ideas just before he is up for re-election.

Packing Books and Guns.

In an effort to prevent a Virginia Tech type shooting from happening in Texas, the legislature has introduced a bill which would allow students and faculty to carry concealed guns on college campuses.  They feel that it would be better for the students to be armed than be shot as helpless victims.

Such a bill would be tough to pass in most states but not in Texas.  We will see.

Wendys’ Chili.

One of my favorite lunch time foods is Wendys’ chili particularly when it is cold outside. So, I will quite often hit the drive through and take a bowl of it back to my office.

Well, the other day, I was going through the drive through at Wendys’ with the intent of purchasing some chili. As I pulled up to the order machine, I noticed that the order from the guy in front of me was still up on the screen. And, like I usually do, he had ordered chili, with cracker, and hot sauce. But, as I looked at his order, I noticed a forth line item, “onions”.

Onions? He ordered onions with his chili? Interesting.

Now, I happen to like raw onions on my chili but I had never thought to ask for them. In fact, I didn’t even know that you could ask for them. So, I decided to give it a try.

When I placed my order, I asked for the usual crackers and hot sauce. But, then I asked if I could have onions on my chili. No problem, came the reply. Great!

And, when I checked my chili, sure enough, there were raw onions in it, and, at no extra charge. It really tasted great!

So, from now on, when I order my chili, I ask for onions in it. I wonder if I could also get it with some cheddar cheese and sour cream?

Downtown Demonstrations.

Lately, we have been having demonstrators in downtown Lansing.  And, as always, these protester show up at noon, just as the camera crews arrive.

Now, for those of us who work in Lansing, these protests create major problems.  First of all, the news crews all have their big newsmobiles with their big dish antennas, parked on the streets.  This, of course, blocks traffic.

Then, there are the news reporters who, along with their camera staff, block the sidewalks.  And with them are the numerous cables which run from the cameras back to the trucks creating a walking hazard.

Now, all of this takes place at noon just when people are walking downtown for lunch.  And, as expected, the news teams get upset when civilians, walking down the side walk, disrupt the filming.

But, these protests are a real boom for the downtown restaurants because, after the protester get filmed for the news, they head for lunch.

I guess all of that protesting creates a real hunger.

On Strike!

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is on strike and they have been for several months.  What’s the issue?  More money.

The strike has been on long enough that this seasons performances have been canceled.  So, the city of Detroit has no reason to settle the strike this season.  And, next seasons performances are uncertain.

Unfortunately, this is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and not the New York Philharmonic. So, I doubt that its’ patrons will miss it.  If the people from Detroit want music, that can always attend programs at the local universities.

I guess the musicians have been so isolated in their own little world that they don’t know what is going on in the rest of the world.  And, they probably don’t understand that Detroit has money problems.

I wonder which pays more, unemployment or their symphony paycheck?

Now I Understand.

Many years ago, when I was going to college at Calvin, the wife of one of my professors passed away unexpectedly.  Since I personally knew the man, I was saddened by his loss.

When he returned to work, I didn’t know what to say to him.  Feeling sadness and remorse, I approached him to tell him how sorry I was for his loss.

As I looked him in the eyes, I fumbled for what to say.  But, before I could open my mouth he said, “Its OK.”

Its OK?  Its OK?  I expected to find a man in total bereavement.   But, instead, I found a man with a smile on his face who was at total peace with the world.  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was feeling sorry for me.

Was he in denial?  Didn’t he love his wife?  Why wasn’t he sad like me?

A couple of years later, the mother of my boss at Calvin passed away unexpectedly.  She was in her 50s.  So, everyone was shocked.

When he returned to work, I approached him to extend my condolences.  And again, not knowing what to say, I fumbled for my words.  And again, before I could say anything, he smiled and shook my hand.  Then he said “I understand.  I’m fine.”

First the professor who lost his wife and then my boss who lost his mother.  What was up with these guys?  Were they on medication of some sort?  Why weren’t they sad?

Recently, I lost my wife.  She was way too young to die.  And even though I am still madly in love with her, she is no longer with me.

I am very lonely and very saddened at losing the love of my life.  But, God has given me an inner peace and strength.  And it is this peace and strength that helps me to make it though the sadness of the days and the emptiness of the nights.

So, when others approach me to extend their condolences, I too smile and say “Its OK, I understand.”  No, it is not that I don’t care and no,  I am not on medication.  It is simply because God has filled me with His love and peace.

Now I  understand.


A resident of the area has a row of lights across the bumper of his pickup truck.  I guess the idea is to make the front of the truck look like a face.  The only problem is that one of the lights is burned out so it looks like the truck mouth is missing a tooth.

Well, I finally saw the face of the driver the other day and guess what?  He is missing a front tooth.  I guess that there is a special bond between a man and his truck.

Drying His Wee Wee.

When you work for the State of Michigan, you run into all kinds of people.  And, with all kinds of people, you get all kinds of strange behavior.

The other day, I walked into the restroom only to find some guy standing in front of the handicap hand dryer.  And, it appeared that he was drying his wee wee.

Now, I don’t know if he had just washed it off in the sink or if he had had an accident.  Regardless, I don’t think that this is appropriate behavior for a public restroom.

I guess I should have looked to see if he had a styling brush in his hand.