The Detroit/Windsor Bridge 2.

If you have ever done the Detroit/Windsor bridge crossing, you know how frustrating it can be.

Because the bridge was built before the interstate ever existed, both ends of the bridge are connected with city streets and not the interstate.  This means that to get to and from the interstate to the bridge, you have to drive through the city looking for signs on poles which direct you right, left or straight.  And, if you miss a turn, you end up in a very bad neighborhood.

Now, the owner of the existing bridge claims that tolls and traffic are down and that building a new bridge would be a mistake.  But, he is willing to spend his own money to add to the existing bridge even thought it is not warranted because traffic is down.

Here is the reality of the situation.  If given the choice between crossing on a bridge accessible only by city streets or a bridge connected directly to the interstate, most people will choose the interstate bridge.  This means that the existing bridge will no longer be the cash cow for its owner.

Bottom line, the owner of the existing bridge will do all that he can to save his gold mine.

The Powers Of Observation.

California police recently found a pair of lungs laying on a sidewalk.  The police report indicated that the lungs did not appear to be attached to a body.

Did not appear to be attached to a body?  What was their first clue, the lack of a body?

The coroner later determined that the lungs were not human so I guess they don’t have to look for a body.

The Detroit/Windsor Bridge.

Every morning as I watch the news, I am bombarded with TV ads denouncing the new bridge to Windsor.   And, even though Canada is going to pay for the new bridge, the owner of the current bridge claims that the new bridge will cost the State Of Michigan millions.

I am sure that the owner of the current bridge is only interested in the well being of the citizens of Michigan not his own financial concerns.  He is so concerned about the well being of Michigan that he is even spending his own money for the TV ads.  What a guy!!

Crematorium Fat Fire.

A crematorium in Australia recently caught on fire after attempting to cremate a grossly obese woman.  Burning fat from the woman over whelmed the ventilation system and caused a chimney fire.

I guess we now need bariatric crematoriums.

Summer Time, And The Catfish Are Jumpin.

The other day, I went to Meijer (regional grocery chain) to buy some frozen blueberries.  When Meijer had remodeled several months ago, it took me a long time to find the frozen blueberries.  But, since I now knew right where they were located, I figured that it would be a quick in and out with my purchase.  But, when I got to the freezer case where the blueberries should have been located, there were pails of ice cream instead.

A quick scan of the freezer section confirmed my horror.  The entire section had been rearranged.  So instead of a quick in and out, I had to scan freezer case after freezer case in order to find the frozen blue berries.  And, while I found the blueberries, I no longer know where anything else is located.  Well, it looks like it will be a long summer.

Free Weekends.

On holiday weekends, one of the dating websites offers a free weekend.  On this free weekend, anyone can use the site for free.  But, after the weekend ends, you either have to join the site or you are closed out from any future correspondence.

So, when free weekends hit, my dating web site floods me with women who are trying to get through the Q&As as quickly as they can so that they can send me their email addresses.  This, of course, creates a very busy time for me.  And, even though I send them my email address, in the end, I never hear from them again.

Oh well.

Electric Soap Dispensers.

The bathrooms at our church have always had built in hand soap dispensers.  You just put one hand under the dispenser and pump the whole thing with the other and voila, soap.  So, when ever I needed to clean my glasses, I would stick a lens under the dispenser and give it a pump and start washing my glasses.

Well, the other Sunday, I needed to clean my glasses so I repeated my steps as in the past.  But, when I tried to pump the unit, it didn’t move.  Upon closer examination, I determined that the dispensers had been replaced with electric units.  And the electric units ran on infra red.

After several tries, I concluded that I could not dispense the soap directly on my glasses.  So, I collected the soap with my hand and then proceeded to wash my glasses.

Technology, where would we be without it?


The other morning, a single gal that I work with came into the office sporting a dandy cold sore.  Since I had never seen her with a  cold sore before, I asked her about it.  She says that she doesn’t know how she got it as she has never knowingly dated any one with the herpes virus.

Now, since I often kiss on the first date, this got me to thinking.  Just because there is no sore present, is a person still contagious?

Maybe I need to be more careful about who I kiss.

Photo Gray

Since my eye prescription was over 7 years old, it was no surprise to me that I needed new glasses.  The last time that I purchased glasses I had intended to get photo gray with them as I had wanted it for some time.  Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for it.

But, this time I remembered to ask for photo gray when I ordered my new glasses.  So, I now have photo gray.  YES!

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips.

Trader Joes has been having a run on chocolate chips lately.  But, it isn’t from kids looking for cheap chocolate treats.  Rather, it is from women who maintain a kosher table.

For many years, the Trader Joe’s chocolate chips were classified as Parve under the kosher laws.  This meant that the chocolate chips were neither considered a meat nor a dairy.  So those maintaining a kosher table did not have to worry about keeping them separate from meats or dairies.

But, due to a change in their packaging, the chocolate chips are now classified as dairy.  When this change was discovered, there was a rush to buy up the chocolate chips in the old style packaging.  And thus, there was a  run on chocolate chips at Trader Joe’s.

I guess this means that they can no longer put chocolate in their chili.