We Went To Jared’s; Ya Snooze, Ya Lose.

Went my fiancee and went shopping for an engagement ring last Saturday afternoon, we thought that we would check out the local Grandville jewelry stores.  But, much to our dismay, they were closed on Saturday afternoon.

The fact that they were closed on a Saturday afternoon really surprised me.  I would have thought that Saturday would be a major shopping day for them.  But, what ever.  So, we headed for the mall.

School Killings.

Well, we have had another rash of school students killing people.  And, the liberal media is horrified and asking why?  Yet, the liberal media are the same people who supported banning prayer in public schools and prohibiting the display of the 10 Commandments.

When you teach amorality in schools, you get amorality in society.  Go figure.

Ditching Begins In Two Weeks.

“Ditching Begins in Two Weeks.”  That is what the road side signs said in Indiana.

Now, I don’t know what “ditching” is all about.  And, since I don’t know when the signs were posted, I am not sure if I need to be concerned.

Of course, I also don’t know how long “ditching” will last.  For all I know, “ditching” could be finished.

Maybe “ditching” refers to icy roads and the signs are a weather forecast.

Hash-browns Or Breakfast Potatoes?

Hash-browns or breakfast potatoes?  That was a question that I was asked while ordering breakfast.

So, I had to ask just what were breakfast potatoes?  She told me that breakfast potatoes were just fried potatoes.  Then I had to ask if you could get breakfast potatoes for lunch or dinner and she said “yes”.

Well OK.  Breakfast potatoes is just another name for fried potatoes.

Motion Sensing Light Switches.

I recently stayed in a motel that had motion sensing light switches.  And, while the concept was nice, the reality of it was a challenge.

When I first entered the room, I had to turn on the lights manually.  No problem.  But, while working on my PC, the lights went out.  So, I had to jump up and down to get the lights back on.

And, the lights went out while I was taking a shower.  This was a bit more of a challenge since there was a shower curtain between me and the sensor.   But, I managed.

And of course, in the middle of the night, the lights turned on for no apparent reason.

I hate motion sensing light switches.

Gas Station Salt Bags.

At my local gas stations, they seem to have bags of water conditioning salt sitting nest to the gas pumps.  I guess they figure that if you need gas, you probably need water conditioning salt.

Unfortunately, they place these salt bags right next to the car door.  So, when I open my car door, the corner of the door catches the salt bag and leaves a little hole in it.

Eventually, the bag will rip and spill salt.  But, that probably won’t happen until winter.  Then, no one will care.

Five Digit Income.

I saw an ad, the other day, promising a five digit income to any one who completed this computer course.  Wow!  Five Digit income.  That is $10,000 plus a year.  That is almost as much as you can make working at McDonalds.

Now, I am sure that the ad was thinking along the lines of $90,000 plus a year.  But, five digit is rather vague.

So, take the class.  You may not make more that a McDonalds employee but you may not have to work as hard.

Sunglasses On The Chin.

Over the years, I have seen people wear sunglasses on various parts of their bodies.  The most common place for sunglasses is over ones eyes.  But, the second most common place is on top of the head.  Followed by around the neck and then finally behind the head.

But the other day, I saw someone wearing their sunglasses on their chin.  This seemed rather strange but what ever.

Women s Deodorant.

The other day, I needed deodorant.  And while I always look for the same packaging, I realize that it does change.  So, when a discovered my brand in a different package, I didn’t think anything of it.  But then I saw my deodorant in the packaging that I am used to seeing.  So, I wondered, what is the difference.

Well, the unfamiliar package was women deodorant and it was twice the price of my regular deodorant.  So, what is the difference I wondered?

I checked the ingredients and they looked the same.  I checked the quantity and the women s’ actually contained a little less.  The only real difference was the label and the price.  FWIW.