The Ham License Upgrade.

Since getting my Technician Ham radio license in January, I have decided to take the exam upgrade to the General Ham license.  Of course, the only radio that I own is a little hand held unit and I have not actually talked to anyone yet.  But, I figured that I should upgrade while I have my head in the subject matter and before the FCC changes the rules again.

How Cold Is It?

It is so cold outside that the local morning news team is going to freeze a banana outside and then use it to drive a nail into a piece of wood.

I am afraid that cabin fever is beginning to over take all of us.  It is bad enough that the local news team is attempting this.   But,it is worse that we are watching it.

Men’s Body Wash.

There is a new line of men’s body wash with manly names like Wolf Thorn and Bear Glove.  Of course, I don’t know how “manly” these names are but they are, well, unusual.

Names like Wolf Thorn make me thing more of fantasy video game” and not “manly” names.  When I think of “manly” names, I think more along the lines of “12 gauge” or “4X4” or “6 pack”.  But hey, what do I know?