High Efficiency!

My morning schedule is pretty consistent from the time that I get up until the time that I leave the house.  But, every now and then I find myself running 10 minutes ahead of schedule.  And whenever that happens, I have to wonder if I have forgotten to do something.  After running a mental check list and finding that everything is complete, I can only conclude that I was having a moment of high efficiency.

Nothing But Cheap II.

One time, when I was asked to moonlight, they asked me how much they owed me.  Since I had invested $20 in parts, I asked for $20.  They looked at me like I was a criminal.  And then they read me the riot act.  They gave me the money but they complained to everyone about me.  Oh well.

Nothing But Cheap!

When I worked in telecommunications, people would often ask me to moonlight for them.  And when I had finished my 2 hour of work for them, they would give $5.  WOW!!  $2.50 an hour.  I could make 10 times that amount working over time.  Yet, they felt that they were doing me a favor.  And they would never think of paying me more than $5.  And then, I was committed to maintaining their telephones for free for the rest of my life.  And they couldn’t understand why I didn’t moonlight more.

Cherry Pits

I love homemade cherry pie.  But it seems like every time that I eat it, I get a cherry pit.

At first, I thought that the cherry pit was a failure of the cherry processing equipment.  But, there are never two cherry pits or three cherry pits, only one.  Then it occurred to me that maybe the cherry pit is added intentionally to every can of cherries to give it that natural flare.