Quickbook Upgrade.

I recently purchased a new PC.  So, I am having to move programs from my old PC on to the new PC.  And sometimes the programs run just fine on the new PC and some times they don’t.  In the case of Quickbook, our version will not run on Windows 10.

But Quickbook has a very simple upgrade solution; you simply buy a new version.  And while they claim to offer the new version at a 30% discount, it happens to be the same price as a new version at Best Buy.

Such a deal!  You have got to love Quickbook and their efforts to provide good service to their customers.

Lady Godiva?

The big news of late is that someone has been filming women in public on a public beach wearing two piece bathing suits and posting them on a porn web site.  And since they feel that they have been violated, they want the authorities to do something about it.

Lets see, these women have chosen to wear a bathing suit on a public beach for all of the public to see.  And they are upset because someone is looking at them with impure thoughts?  HELLO!!  Maybe they need to reevaluate their selection of bathing suits.