Ready To Eat Chicken Pot Pies At Meijer.

In the past, I have been burned by frozen chicken pot pies.  And while the picture on the outside of the box always looks delicious, I usually end up with a lot of crust and gravy but little chicken. So I was skeptical about trying the Meijer ready to eat chicken pot pie.  Fortunately, it was fantastic and loaded with chicken!  I would definitely recommend these pot pies.  And they are now on my “grab and go” list of foods.

But Yes, We Have No Rotisserie Chickens.

I went to the grocery store to buy one of their ready to eat rotisserie chickens only to discover that they were not yet ready.  They said that it would be another 45 minutes so, I decided to move on to plan B which was fried chicken.  Unfortunately, the clerks totally ignored me.  It was as if I became invisible.  So after being a non-person for 10 minutes, I decided to grab a couple of ready to eat chicken pot pies.

Wind Ensemble.

When I attended my grand daughters band concert, I noticed that the band was called a Wind Ensemble.  And sure enough, with the exception of the percussion section, every instrument was a wind instrument.  Of course, it looked exactly like the band that I played in when I was in high school.  I guess I was in a wind ensemble and didn’t even know it.

And It Is Bluetooth Enabled!


When I went shopping for a new kitchen scale, I surprised to see that the high end ones were Bluetooth enabled.  And while I was impressed with the advances in technology, I wasn’t really sure how the Bluetooth function would work.  Does the scale have builtin speakers so that you can listen to music from your smart phone?  Does it interface with your PC so that you can record weights and measures?  Is the Bluetooth feature necessary or only a solution in search of a problem?

FOIA Rhymes With Paranoia!

When I first started to work for the State of Michigan, I was told that the legislature had their own telephone system.  This was partly because of wire tap concerns and partly because FOIA requests.  They were afraid that requests for telephone records under FOIA would be given out without their consent.  In short, they didn’t have to comply with FIOA requests if they chose not to.

However, in the light of recent media events, they are looking to change their FOIA exemption.  But given the general paranoia that the legislature seems to have, I doubt that anything will change regarding FIOA requests.