Black Label Dew.


I guess Mountain Dew is trying to keep up with the craft beer craze that is sweeping the nation.  They are now offering a “Deeper Darker”  Dew with “Crafted Dark Berry”.  But since they don’t make a diet version, I guess I will pass on trying it.

The Price Of A Dimple.


I needed to join two pieces of copper pipe.  So, I went to the hardware store for a copper fitting.  I started to pick up the one for $1.29 but then I noticed the one for $0.59.  The difference between the two is that the cheaper one has a dimple in the center and the expensive on does not.  Since either one would work for me,  I chose the cheaper one. I am at a loss as to why anyone would want the expensive fitting.

Minimum Wage Increases.


I noticed one of these in a Sam’s Club.  You simply insert your Sam’s Club card, watch a short ad and then you receive your free sample.  I guess it is cheaper to set up one of there machines than it is to pay the new minimum wage.  Plus the machine doesn’t require breaks.

Hearing Aids; The New Audiologist.

When I arrived at the new audiologist appointment, the first thing that she did was to give me a hearing test.  Since this was my third hearing test in the last three months, I had the routine down.  And while it was repetitive, I understood why she needed to do it.

The audiologist reviewed my results and concluded that I had a sever hearing loss and that hearing aids were definitely needed.  Since her conclusion was different from the other two audiologists, I had to wonder if my hear had gotten worse.  Regardless, she picked out a hearing aid brand and model (the better) and said that it would arrive in two to three days.  Great!

The Hearing Aids; Bye Bye Sam s.

I was really enjoying the hearings that I purchased from Sam s Club.  But then my insurance company sent me a notice saying that they would not pay for hearing aids from Sam s.  Since I was confused, I called my insurance company to find out why.

My insurance company told me that they work with a hearing aid wholesaler and that I should contact the wholesaler for information.  When I contacted the wholesaler, they set up an appointment for me with a local audiologist for a hearing exam and consultation.

The Hearing Aids; Sam’s Club.

On the way back from the ENT, we stopped at Sam’s Club to get some groceries.  And since we were there, I decided to check out their hearing center.  After all, there was a free hearing examine.  After the examine the audiologist told me that my hearing was marginal and that hearing aids would help.  She then told me that they had three models; good, better and best.

I thought, “here we go again.”  The good was $2,000. the better was $3,000 and the best was $4,000.  The Audiologist then explained the differences and told me that I would be best served with the $3,000 model.  She also said that there was a free 90 trial.  When I asked about my insurance company she told me that I was covered.  Great!  Two hours later, I walked out the door with my new hearing aids.

The Hearing Aids; Return Of The ENT.

My follow up appointment with the ENT was scheduled for the following week.  Great!  I thought that I would certainly demo several hearing aids but that was not the case.  The hearing tech showed me a particular brand of hearing aids which had three different models; a good, better and best.  As I often do when presented with choices, I asked what was the difference.  The hearing tech told me that the good was good, the better was better and the best was the best.

Since this line of inquiry was proving to be fruitless, I tried a different approach.  I asked how much they cost.  She said that the good was $3,000, the better was $4,000 and the best was $5,000.  Then I asked just how much my insurance would cover and she said $2,400.  Ouch!  Time to move on to plan B.

Hearing Aids; The GP 2.

My referral to the GP was the shortest office visit that I have ever had.  He looked at my hearing results and concurred with their assessment.  Some how this process seemed like a total waste of time.  But I was told that it was proper protocol.  What ever.  At least I was on my way back to the ENT and hopefully a hearing improvement.