So Long Skimmed Milk.

A few months ago, Dr Oz told the world that skimmed milk is bad for you as it does not help in weight loss or diabetes.  He claimed that if you take the fat out of milk you are left with sugar and water.  Thus, every glass of skimmed milk has more sugar in it than a glass of whole milk.  Recently, these findings were confirmed by other leading health experts.  So, I guess I need to switch back to whole milk.

Ozzed By Doctor Oz.

I am sure the good TV doctor means well, but all of his latest and greatest health tips is making my life miserable.  It seems like every week there is some new and earth shaking vitamin, procedure and/or food supplement that will extend your life and help you to lose weight.  Unfortunately, there are those in my life who think that I should follow his advice completely.  And while I am not opposed to his advice, I would really rather wait for other medical experts to concur.

Kojak Eat Your Heart Out.

Back when Telly Savalas played the role of Kojak, he shaved his head for the part. And by doing so, his shaved head became an American icon.  This, in turn, inspired many other balding men to do the same.  Unfortunately, there are now so many men with shaved heads that they are all starting to look alike.

Lemon Aids.

I saw a video clip on how you can use a lemon to start a fire.  So, you should always carry a lemon with you when you are walking in the woods just in case you get lost and need to start a fire.  Of course, it might be easier just to carry a cigarette lighter with you.

Hearing Aid Stores.

For as long as I can remember there have been multiple places to purchase eye glasses in Lowell.  But when it came to hearing aids, Grand Rapids was the closest option.  Now suddenly, Lowell has not one but two places to purchase hearing aids.  I guess the population of Lowell is getting older.