Diet Instant Ice Tea.

From my childhood, I remember seeing sweetened instant ice tea on the store shelves.  But since most of the people in Michigan drank unsweetened ice tea, the jars of sweetened ice tea were rather sparse.  So jumping ahead 40 years, I was surprised to not only see sweetened instant ice tea but also diet instant ice tea.  I guess tastes have changed over the years.

Instant Ice Tea.

In a effort to reduce my consumption of Diet Coke, I decided to start drinking ice tea.  After all, I had grown up drinking ice tea.  And from my childhood, I remembered my mother making instant ice tea.  So, I headed to the store to acquire a jar.

Since instant ice tea had always been next to the instant coffee, I checked there first.  But to my surprise, I couldn’t find any.  A quick scan of the isle markers revealed that ice tea was one isle over.  When I went down that isle I found canned ice tea, bottled ice tea and even ice tea in a gallon jug, all brewed and ready for consumption.  But, there was still no instant ice tea.

Finally after a second scanning of the instant coffee section, I found some instant ice tea on a bottom shelf.  But, there was only one brand.  I guess the era of instant ice tea is now a thing of the past.

Pokemon Go.

Since I am on the security team at my church, I often receive security updates from the director of security.  Recently he notified me that our church is now a Pokemon Go site.  And as such, he advised that there may be individuals who are wandering around the campus while staring at their cell phone.  And unless these individuals are disruptive or destructive, we are to ignore them.

Wow, a bunch of young people wandering around the campus while staring at their cell phones.  Sounds like a normal Sunday to me.

CPAP Parts By Prescription Only: Really!!??

I think that it is out outrageous that my doctors office requires a prescription to buy parts for my CPAP machine.  After all, I already own the CPAP machine.  And, it is not like I am endangering myself by introducing some new chemicals into my body.  I am only repairing a machine that they sold to me.  This is like an automobile dealership requiring that all oil changes be performed by the dealership.  I wonder if they would require a prescription to buy parts for a wheel chair?  Well anyway, thankfully there is Amazon!

CPAP Parts By Prescription Only: The 500 % Markup.

Since I was required to make a doctors appointment in order to buy parts for my CPAP machine, and since such an appointment was probably going to cost me about $200, I decided to buy my CPAP parts on line.  But just out of curiosity, I asked how much they charged for a new air hose.  They told me $45. When I told them that I could buy that very air hose from Amazon with out a prescription for $8.99 plus shipping, they were shocked.  And since the doctors office seemed to be marking everything up by 500 %, I figured that the $15 face mask on Amazon would cost $75 at the doctors office.  So Amazon cost including shipping $30.  Doctors office cost including doctors appointment, $320.  Caveat Emptor.  No wonder insurance rates are so high.


CPAP Parts By Prescription Only: Part 1.

After several years of use, my CPAP machine needed a new hose and face mask.  And since the office of my sleep doctor has a parts counter, I decided to stop by and pick up a few parts.  But when I got there, they told me that my prescription to buy parts had expired and that I would need to make an appointment with my doctor in order to get a new prescription for CPAP parts.  RATS!!!