Free Online Surveys.

Every now and then, I get a request to take an on line survey.   Most of these surveys are just yes/no type of questions which I  don’t mind answering.  And some included a few optional essay questions which I decline to answer.  After all, I am not being compensated for the survey.  And when the survey requires me to answer the essay questions, I delete the survey.

Mr. Coffee To Go.

The latest fad in hotel coffee is to provide you with a coffee machine that uses a coffee puck to brew one small cup of coffee.  And that one small cup of coffee is, well, pretty terrible.  Fortunately, for $30 you can buy a Mr. Coffee that you can use for travel.  Not only can you brew a full pot, you can also select your own brand of coffee.

Church Incorporation.

Most people don’t realize that churches are incorporated just like any other business.  And just like any business, churches incorporate for legal reasons.  But this also means that churches must obey the laws of incorporation.  Unfortunately, most churches don’t seem to understand that.