Tire Success.

On the day of my tire appointment, I was prepared to spend the entire day at the tire store if necessary.  I had reading material, water, coffee and access to Jimmy Johns if necessary.  When I walked into the store and announced who I was, the clerk did not even flinch.  He printed out a sheet of paper, took my keys and told me that they would get right on it.

As I looked around the store, I saw women with small children, business people with laptops and old men with hats, all waiting for tire service.  And they sat there comparing stories about how long they have been waiting and wondering about how much longer it would be.  And, I felt guilty jumping ahead of them in line.  But, that was how the game was played in this place.

After about a half hour, my name was called and I proudly walked to the door to find my car all warmed up and ready to go.  As I looked back, I could see the faces of those who were still waiting and wishing them the best.

Teeth Or Tires.

I got to the tire store bright and early hoping to get in and get out.  But at 8:30, the store was full and there was a line out of the door.  I explained to the technician about my problem so he plugged in a tester and announced that it was a simple fix.  I just needed a new battery in my brakes.  “Great”!!  This announcement was followed by “But we can’t do it today”.  “Rats”  It seems that Thursday is the earliest that I could get in.

A quick check of my calendar showed that I had a dentist appointment on Thursday.   But since I was fairly certain that I could reschedule my dentist appoint, I agreed.

TPMS Light.

After getting my tire fixed, I headed back home.  As I expected, a few hundred feet down the road the low tire pressure light on the dash went out.  But it was quickly replaced by a TPMS light.  I thought about turning around and going back to the tire store but since I didn’t have my sleeping bag with me, I decided to go back the next day.  Besides, my butt was sore from sitting.