But, When He Got There, The Sock Drawn Was Bare…

The other morning, when I went to get dressed for work, I grabbed a clean pair of socks from my sock drawer. But, when I went to but them on, I discovered that there was only one sock and not a pair.

I checked the drawer high and low.  No sock.  I looked on the floor.  No sock.  I even looked at my feet to make sure that I hadn’t already put it on.  (some mornings are like that).  But, no sock.  So, I had to go through the dirty clothes looking for a sock just to get me by for the day.  Luckily, I found one.  So, when I got down stairs, I wrote “socks” on  my grocery list.

Now, I have been buying  the same style of socks for the last 20 years, so, I didn’t think that it would be a problem.  I wanted black, crew, synthetic knit socks, a standard fair in most stores.

When I got to Meijer (regional grocery chain) I headed for the socks.  The first pair that I picked up were a black knit crew 3 pack.  Great!  But wait, they were argyle.  Arrrh.

Now, I buy black socks for a reason.  They go with anything so I don’t have to decide whether the navy would look better.  Plus, I don’t have to deal with the black/navy cross match issue.  So, if I already have problems deciding between black or navy, argyle will drive me nuts!

The next 3 pack that I picked up looked like they were black crew.  But, upon closer examination, they were black, navy and gray.   Since I didn’t want to deal with issues of crossbreeding, I put them back.

Finally, I found a 3 pack of black crew socks.  They were not the kind that I would normally buy but they will do.  After all, I was out of socks and they were black.

I guess that this could be an episode on Seinfeld.

Lighting Up.

The government is coming out with a new labeling requirements for cigarettes.  And while the labels depict smoking realities, I doubt that it will do much to encourage quitting.  No one would ever smoke knowing that it will kill them.  Rather, they smoke because they believe that it won’t happen to them.

When I was in high school, we had anti-smoking campaigns where students would enter anti-smoking posters in a poster contest.  And the ones who won the prizes for the best posters were the one who smoked.  And, while their posters were very graphic and to the point, it didn’t seem to deter them from smoking.

Rearranging Lowell Meijer.

The other day, when I was in Meijer (regional grocery chain), I over heard one woman asking another “Where’s the bread?”

This question surprised me because, judging by her proximity and direction in the store, she must have already pass the bread isle.  It wasn’t until I rounded the corner that I realized that the bread isle was missing.

That’s right, the entire bread isle was missing!  And so was the beer isle!

Now, I could understand if the bread isle was missing.  After all, they had way too many brands of bread.  And in all actuality, all you really need is your basic “white” and “wheat” and maybe a “rye”.  But, the beer isle is a whole different matter.

Lowell depends on it beer,…and frozen pizza.  The main staples of the Lowell diet.

And, not only were the beer and bread isles missing, so was the pop isle.  And since I needed to buy some pop, I needed to find the pop isle.

Well, I checked the ends of the isles.  Sometimes they put their pop out there.  It is intended to attract attention.  I guess the idea is that if you put pop on the ends of the isle, you will attract impulse buyers.  But, like beer, I think that most people already know what they want before they hit the store, so end isle displays of pop are a waste of time.

But, there were no end isle displays of pop, so I had to look for the pop.  Well, I found the pop.  It was right next to the beer in the pet section.  OK.

Well, I guess they figure that if you need a case of beer you probably also need a pail of Kitty litter.

And, I suppose you could also pick up a package of doggy snacks.

I never did find the bread.  Progress.

Computer Touch Pads.

I have a laptop at work and a laptop at home.  And, both of them have touch pads.

Now, the touch pads are a nice idea but they are lacking in functionality.  It seems like I have to tap the touch pad several times before it selects what I want.  And, I find this to be rather maddening.

You see, I am never sure if it didn’t see my tap or if the computer is just slow.  And, it doesn’t seem to matter if I lightly tap it or if I give it a good rap.  It just doesn’t respond.

I guess this is advanced technology, but it still needs improving.

The Graveyard Shift.

I know several women whose husbands work the night shift.  And, they do so by choice and not because of low seniority.

Now, why would anyone want to work the night shift?  Well, some claim that they do it because it gives younger men, with families, the opportunity to be on the day shift.  While others claim that the night shift is better because it is quieter.  Still others claim that it gives them the whole morning and part of the afternoon to do whatever it is that they want to do.

But, more to the point, it also gives them the opportunity to be away from their wives for a week at a time.  In fact, working the night shift could be viewed as a male survival tactic.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to these women that the men are working the night shift because they can’t stand them?

James Whitey Bulger

The FBI has arrested James Whitey Bulger, a notorious Boston crime boss.

For many years, Whitey was an FBI informant.  In exchange for information about rival gangs, Whiteys’ crimes were over looked.  So, he got away with crime while ratting on his enemies.  Talk about a win win situation.

Of course, at age 81, Whitey didn’t put up much of a fight.  In fact, the FBI had to be more concerned about him falling and breaking a hip than trying to escape capture.  Besides, how fast can a walker move?

I-75 in Ohio. Will It Ever Be Finished?

For the past 5 years, we have been making regular trips down I-75 to Cincinnati.  And, for the past 5 years, we have encountered construction in the same spots on I-75 from Dayton on south.

Now, I fully understand the need for road improvements.  But in this case, for the past five years, there doesn’t seem to be any progress on the road work and I don’t understand why.  In fact, they seem to have ripped up the old road and then left the project.

But hey, this is Ohio so anything is possible.  And while I don’t appreciate the construction projects in Michigan, at least I know that they will be completed in a year.

Interior Car Lights.

When I first got my Accord, I noticed that none of the interior ceiling lights worked.

There was a dome light in the back that was shut off so I turned that on.  Great.  But, there were also two map lights in the front that were supposed to light when a door is opened.

A quick check of the owners manual revealed an on/off switch next to the lights.  No problem.  I will just set the switch to on.  But, that didn’t seem to fix the problem.  So,  I pushed on the passenger side map light to turn it on manually.  No good.  Rats!

Next, I tried the drivers side map light.  I pushed on the light to turn it on.  But, it too didn’t work.  But, when I got out of the car and shut the door, the passenger side map light came on.  OK?  Then, after 30 seconds, it dimmed and went out.  Great.

The next day when I went to the car, I found that the drivers side map light was on.  Apparently, it came on some time during the night.  So, I pushed on the light and it went out.

Next, I tried the passenger side map light, but it didn’t work.  I tried the drivers side map light and now it didn’t work.

Thinking that the bulbs were bad, I pull both lenses and removed the bulbs.  they both seemed fine so I put them back in.  Suddenly, both lights came on when I opened the door.  And each light came on when I pressed the light.  Great!

But now, only one light works.  I am going to replace both bulbs and if that doesn’t fix it, I will let the dealership figure it out.

But, I am  curious why the previous owner of the car didn’t want any interior lights when the doors are opened.

The Quest for Molasses.

I don’t use a lot of molasses so, I only have to purchase it a few times a year.  But, when I do need to purchase it, I have a hard time locating in the store.

The store used to keep the molasses next to the pancake syrup.  I guess they figured that people put molasses on their pancakes.

But, then one day, I discovered that it had been relocated to the jelly section.  Maybe people make peanut butter and molasses sandwiches.

But, when I went looking for it today, I found it in the baking section next to the corn syrup.  Well, this seemed to make the most sense to me.  After all, it is more of an ingredient than a condiment.

But, who knows, the next time that I go looking for it, I may find it in the ice cream section next to the fudge toppings.